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We are your specialist in the manufacture wooden railway sleepers.
Whether production, processing or refining, we always make sure of the highest quality and best processing of our products.
We provide comprehensive advice and to deliver from always on time. Fast and competent work, fair prices and untreated materials are not only us, but also our important customers.
You will find information on the page products, what we can offer you.
For individual inquiries please



in the pressure process:




• After the pressure process in the latest methods of Deutsche Bahn AG

with environmentally

• impregnating WEI type C benzo (a) pyrene at 50 ppm


planing and impregnation

• Drilling


• special processing

• Pre Aufplatten 

Construction material

• ribbed plates

• Screws

• Emerging spring washers

• misc Mounting hardware

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Karl Richtberg Schwellenwerk GmbH
Richtbergstraße. 5
79395 Neuenburg

Telefon: 07631 7751

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Auch der Rohstoff Holz ist nicht unendlich verfügbar. Deswegen achten wir von Karl Richtberg Schwellenwerk GmbH  auf Herkunft und Qualität. Rohstoff

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