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Karl Richtberg Schwellenwerk GmbH Ein Traditionsunternehmen stellt sich vor

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The family now produces the fourth generation of wooden railway sleepers.

A sawmill on the cutting edge of technology is the guarantee for an optimal thresholds and turnout threshold production, and flexibility of unusual customer requests.

By the connected impregnation, the raw material through to finished ready-threshold.

For nearly 100 years, supplying our house a variety of railway companies in Europe









Our team is trained and qualified and competent to advise you on all matters relating to the subject of wood

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Karl Richtberg Schwellenwerk GmbH
Richtbergstraße. 5
79395 Neuenburg

Telefon: 07631 7751

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Auch der Rohstoff Holz ist nicht unendlich verfügbar. Deswegen achten wir von Karl Richtberg Schwellenwerk GmbH  auf Herkunft und Qualität. Rohstoff

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